110 Calendar S18

The schedule is subject to change with fair notice by email and/or in class announcement.


W Jan 24 First Day – Introduction
M Jan 29 Book Presentation Discussion
W Jan 31 Group Discussions: Science, Technology & Human Values – What are they?
M Fen 5 class cancelled
W Feb 7 class cancelled
M Feb 12 Film: Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens
W Feb 14 Film: Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens
M Feb 19 Religion and Science:  Can they co-exist? Letter to Christina
W Feb 21 Films: What is Evolution? What is Natural Selection? Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?
M Feb 26 Film: Monkey Trial – Part I
W Feb 28 Film: Monkey Trial – Part II
M Mar 5 Film: Intelligent Design on Trial – Part I
W Mar 7 Film: Intelligent Design on Trial – Part II; Kitzmiller v. Dover
M Mar 12 Film: Intelligent Design on Trial – End; book progress meetings
W Mar 14 Film: American Experience: Rachel Carson – Part I
M Mar 19 Film: American Experience: Rachel Carson – Part II; and Wise Use; Deep Ecology; midterm exam posted on website/distributed in class
W Mar 21 prep for presentations; attendance optional
M Mar 26 Spring Break – no class
W Mar 28 Spring Break – no class
M Apr 2 Presentation: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment;
W Apr 4 Presentation: Technology vs. Humanity
M Apr 9 Presentation: Technically Wrong; midterm exam due in class
W Apr 11 Presentation postponed; Class cancelled
M Apr 16 Presentation: Overcomplicated
W Apr 18 Presentation: The Death of Expertise
M Apr 23 Presentation: Frankenstein
W Apr 25 Presentation: Weaponized Lies
M Apr 30 Presentation: The Inevitable
W May 2 Presentation: Geek Heresy
M May 7 Presentation: Merchants of Doubt
W May 9 Presentation: CTRL + Z
M May 14 take home final exam posted on website and discussed in class
T May 22 take home final exam due by 12:15 in my email