186 Assignments Spring 2019


Interview someone who works about the ethical issues they face on the job or see others face.  Ask about how those issues get resolved and if your interviewee believes they are resolved fairly.

Describe the interview on one or two pages, including some direct quotes.  On the next page, relate what you heard in your interview to something we covered in one of the chapters.

Email this to me at lisa.bernasconi@sjsu.edu as a Word attachment or pdf by the time and date of our final exam.

Critical Response Essay 

You should write a one page essay for each of the following 2 questions.  Your essays should be double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font. If possible, print on both sides of one sheet of paper.  If not, staple two pages together.  Don’t use a cover page or any sort of binder or folder.  The top of each page should include your name, the date, and your section number. You don’t need a title and don’t rewrite the question.

Read the linked essay: If Kant Were a New York Cyclist, and answer each question on one page (two pages total).

  1. Consider Kant’s categorical imperative.  Would Kant agree with Cohen’s reasoning?  Explain.
  2. Consider the principle of utility.  Would a utilitarian agree with Cohen’s cycling habits?  Explain.
Group Presentation

Each group should prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 15 to 20 slides.  Include the following information:

Brief biography
Career Description
Event that makes the person of interest to us in a Business Ethics Class
Analysis of the person’s actions using at least two of the moral or justice theories we have covered.
Where are they now?

You may include brief video segments.  Do not use page transitions.  Avoid long lists of awards or indictments.  Review your presentation to avoid repeating  information on multiple slides.  Be sure to include enough information to make your audience aware of who your subject is.

Do not cut and paste information about your subject. Tell the person’s story in your own words. Make the presentation flow by telling it from start to finish.  I will talk about this in class.

You must cite ALL sources used, on or off line, text, photos, videos, clipart, etc.  You may do this on the last slide.


We will discuss in class.