110 Calendar Fall 2018

This calendar will be updated with more detail as the semester develops.

9/18/18: Book Presentation dates added below.

W Aug 22 Introduction
M Aug 27 Book Presentation Planning
W Aug 29 What is Science? What is Technology? What are Human Values? Discussion
M Sep 3 Labor Day
W Sep 5 Film: Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens
M Sep 10 Film continued; Galileo’s Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany
W Sep 12 Films: What is Evolution? What is Natural Selection? Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?
M Sep 17 Film: Monkey Trial Part 1
W Sep 19 Film continued
M Sep 24 Film: Intelligent Design on Trial
W Sep 26 Film continued
M Oct 1 Book Progress Reports in Class
W Oct 3 Film: Y2k Family Survival Guide with Leonard Nimoy [1999]
M Oct 8 tbd
W Oct 10 tbd
M Oct 15 Film: The Dirt on Climate Change
W Oct 17 User Experience in the Age of Sustainability
M Oct 22 Technically Wrong
W Oct 24 Ctrl + Z
M Oct 29 Overcomplicated
W Oct 31 The End of Ownership
M Nov 5 tbd
W Nov 7 The Death of Expertise
M Nov 12 Veteran’s Day
W Nov 14 Dangerous Years
M Nov 19 Frankenstein
W Nov 21 Thanksgiving Break
M Nov 26 no class
W Nov 28 The Dark Side of Technology
M Dec 3 Geek Heresy
W Dec 5 Hello World
M Dec 10 Weaponized Lies;  Take Home Final Exam Distributed
R Dec 17 Final Exam due in my email by 12:15pm (noon)