110 Calendar Spring 2019

This calendar will be updated with more detail as the semester develops.

M Jan 28 Introduction
W Jan 30 What is Science? What is Technology? What are Human Values?
M Feb 4 Book Presentation Planning
W Feb 6 Film: Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens
M Feb 11 Film continued; Galileo’s Letter to the Grand Duchess
W Feb 13 Films: Stated Clearly Films on Evolution and Natural Selection
M Feb 18 Film: Monkey Trial
W Feb 20 Film continued; discussion
M Feb 25 Book Progress Reports in Class
W Feb 27 Guest Speaker
M Mar 4 Film: Intelligent Design on Trial
W Mar 6 Film continued; discussion
M Mar 11 Film: Y2k Family Survival Guide; Midterm Exam Distributed
W Mar 13 Book Progress Reports and Meetings
M Mar 18 TBD; Midterm Exam Due
W Mar 20 The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
M Mar 25 Technology vs. Humanity
W Mar 27 (Non)Human Intelligence
M Apr 1 Spring Break
W Apr 3 Spring Break
M Apr 8
W Apr 10 Artificial Unintelligence
M Apr 15 Ctrl+Z: The Right to Be Forgotten
W Apr 17 Technically Wrong (Overcomplicated due in my email)
M Apr 22 Hello World
W Apr 24 The Death of Expertise
M Apr 29 Automating Inequality
W May 1 Frankenstein: Annotated for Engineers…
M May 6 Geek Heresy
W May 8 The Inevitable
M May 13 Take Home Final Exam Distributed and Discussed